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Currency Guide

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PostDraxion on March 26th 2017, 10:53 am

Currency Guide

Coin Value
Material1 gold piece
One Pound Value
MaterialValue (1 lb)
Copper5 sp
Silver5 gp
Electrum25 gp
Gold50 gp
Platinum500 gp
Adamantite1,000 gp
Orichlem2,500 gp
Mithril5,000 gp
Bar Value
Copper50 gp
Silver500 gp
Electrum5,000 gp
Gold10,000 gp
Platinum50,000 gp
Adamantite100,000 gp
Orichlem200,000 gp
Mithril500,000 gp


Here's the order: (UK = Undead Kobold) UK 6 & 8, UK 2 & 10, UK 4, Uk 7, UK 5, Sadad & Silver, UK 11, UK 1 & 3 & 9

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